New Business Minnesota Business Advisor and the companion Resource Guide are outstanding vehicles for reaching small business owners and managers who are engaged in finding better ways of doing things, uncovering new opportunities and building their network of business professionals. We offer multiple avenues to reach them through sponsored columns, workshops, networking events and the Small Business Resource Expos.

Growth in Interactive Marketing Opportunities for Advertisers


In December 2007, we began hosting a networking event called New Business Minnesota Startup Meetup to bring together our readers and the advertisers who want to work with them.

The Startup Meetup Events quickly grew and regularly attract 40+ people for each venue. View photos and comments from the 138+ events held to date at

Our Startup Meetup group now numbers more than 6,450, making it the state’s largest business-related networking group.


In 2009, we started doing sponsored theme covers – “The Power of Cash Flow,” “Hiring Your First Employee,” “Your First Office” – and then reprising them at a two-hour workshop. Attendance ranges from 60 to 80+, depending on the topic. The columns by our sponsors are posted at our website along with videos and the workshops are now being recorded and available at our website.

Small Business Resource Expo is a twice-yearly, pure B2B exhibition that brings together small business owners and managers, new businesses and entrepreneurs planning a startup. Exhibitors offer a range of products and services that are essential to successful small businesses event that attracts hundreds of attendees and 50+ exhibitors each fall and spring.

There are no business or celebrity speakers. No break out session. The main attraction is the collections of exhibitors who are looking to share their expertise with the attendees. You could find all the resources you would need to start a business just by attending one Expo.

Small Business Board of Advisors

After four years of publishing informative columns from leading business thinkers in 12 different market segments, in 2015 we assembled them into the New Business Minnesota Small Business Board of Advisors.  The board shares their insights in three issues each year, and then provides updates called the Report from the Board at a reception / networking event held at various locations around the metro.

Leading Entrepreneurial Cities of Minnesota

In 2015, we took a major step in identifying where in the state the entrepreneurial spirit burns bright. Working with all the data we have accumulated about statewide new business at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office, we now have plotted a year’s worth of data on a map.

Further, we created the New Business Minnesota Index that enables us to rank individual cities on their entrepreneurial spirit.

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