We have 9,000 readers who are owners and managers of small business in the Twin Cities.

These readers are drawn from our extensive contact list developed over 11 years of putting on workshops, networking events and our Small Business Resource Expos.

This includes the 6,500 members of our Meetup B2B networking group, NewStartupMeetup.com, the largest such business group in the state.

The reason for joining our networking group is because we have a lengthy record of putting on high-quality workshops that meet the needs of business owners and managers looking for solutions that will help them grow.

All our workshops include networking opportunities, which are informal and geared to helping attendees expand their circle, find new prospects and meet potential referral partners.

Each year we put on the Small Business Resource Expo that specifically seeks out exhibitors with products and services that are essential to growth and success. The exhibitors offer a range of services that include accounting, web development, business law and insurance, business banking, graphic design, CRM, payroll, direct mail, printing, merchant services, telecommunications, asset-based lending, collections, office space, virtual offices, and more.

We define our readers on what services and information they need to improve on their current processes, expand their opportunities, and take their businesses to the next level.

The truth is that no one builds a successful business all alone. They surround themselves with a team of experts who complement their strengths and offset their weaknesses.

As a small business becomes more successful, they need to make changes to continue that growth. That means their banking needs change. Their legal questions become more urgent. Their tax issues more complex. Their bookkeeping needs to be outsourced.

All of the columns and articles put out by NBM Business Advisor each week aim for the highest quality and most needed information for small business owners and managers, provided by local business experts.

Measuring Minnesota’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and blooming throughout Minnesota. Each year more than 55,000 fillings are made with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office for new and expanding businesses. Roughly 85 percent are individuals launching a business and 15 percent are existing businesses that are adding a new product or service, acquiring another business, bringing on a new partner.

Here is a map of Minnesota showing the exact location of all the filings in 2014 for all domestic Assumed Names, Limited Liability Companies and Corporations. Excluded are businesses register by out of state companies.

Here is a map of all the new business filers in the Twin Cities served by New Business Minnesota in 2014. Since 2007, we have served more than 200,000 entrepreneurs. This map looks like a petri dish with a serious outbreak of opportunity.

Tier I – Leading Entrepreneurial Cities
Tier II – Leading Entrepreneurial Cities