Secrets of Success

ZoomingSales CRM

By Juan Ramirez
ZoomingSales CRM

I’m sure there are really actual secrets to success. The reality is that most success comes from doing the right things coupled with hard work.

When my Marcelita’s Cookies business started to take off, I realized that some things were falling through the cracks. My processes weren’t keeping up with the increased pace of activity. Leads and contacts were all over the place. Tasks and customer interactions were harder to track.

That led me to a number of well-known Secret of Success, which I also see in many of my clients.

When your business changes, you need to make changes to grow and survive.

It was clear I needed to manage the chaos. I needed a CRM (Customer Relations Management) program if I wanted to grow.

That led me to ZOHO CRM, a cloud-based, highly customizable program we began using for lead generation and marketing. It worked so well that I started to share my experience with a few business friends. They were impressed with how I was able to customize it. And they began using it too.

I then realized the great need among many small and medium-sized businesses to automate their sales process that I became a ZOHO Authorized Partner and reseller, which is my newest business ZoomingSales CRM LLC. The pursuit of success can lead to many interesting outcomes.

Helping my new CRM customers set up their ZOHO software has been eye-opening. There is nothing cookie cutter about any of it, but there are a number of strategies that I offer up here as Secrets of Success. They apply to just about any business.

Define Your Goals

Your goals must be clearly understood and incorporated into all sales and marketing efforts. To take advantage of any CRM, it has to serve your goals otherwise it’s just a glorified Rolodex.

Before I talk to new clients about the features and functions of the software, we establish what is most important to their business goals.

Business Functions

Defining what business functions to focus on is another critical step. It could be lead generation, customer acquisitions, marketing engagement, field services or whatever is important to the business. These need to be spelled out.

Custom Workflow

To be successful, you need to manage your custom workflow. For engagement marketing, you need to bring leads into the system and have a process to follow up with them beyond entering the contact information.

For example, your workflow for lead generation could include lead source, tracking all interaction with the prospect, communications, meetings, reminders to call back, quote information and steps that lead to the sale.

When the lead becomes a customer, then there is a different workflow because you are now delivering a product or service. After that, other workflows could include ongoing engagement with the client.

Your custom CRM needs to encompass all of them and how they relate to each other and your goals.

Recognize the Need for Change

Many of the successful people I know recognize that in order to take business to next level they have to do things differently.

In the case of my ZoomingSales CRM clients, they want to bring automation to their process. They want control of the workflow and to give a better experience to their customers and prospects.

CRM customization means they will do a good job of following up, stop things from falling through the cracks or leaving money on the table.

The payoff is growing your business and improving your customer loyalty. You can keep promises, be more productive and reduce expenses.

Building an effective CRM system will impact other parts of the business. The need to capture more leads, might require updating their website or step up their SEO. The whole organization must respond.

All of these efforts need to be integrated. It would be a mistake to invest in these improvements and they keep them in separate silos.

BI Reporting

Successful businesses need to know how they are doing in reaching their goals. That’s where business intelligence reporting comes in. An executive I met was tired of calling a meeting just to find out how things are going. We set up his CRM reporting so he could answer that question on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In other word, business visibility!

He also wanted to know who was performing, who on his sales team was ahead or behind.

When you want greater success for your business, making an investment like a customized, integrated CRM system can give you a foundation you can build on.


Juan Ramirez is president and founder of ZoomingSales CRM, an Authorized Partner with ZOHO, an award-winning web-based CRM designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers. He is also president of Marcelita’s Cookies and Juan the Cookie Man. He previously spent several years in the corporate world with firms like GE and IBM where he managed clients such as 3M, Carlson Companies, General Mills, BlueCross BlueShield and others. And he is the founder of Grupo Avance, a boutique consulting firm that helps U.S. companies grow their business into the Mexican and Latin American markets. He can be reached at (612) 801-5587 or