Secrets of Success

Peptronics LLC

By Joey Pepka
Peptronics LLC

I’ve been doing IT consulting for more than 20 years, the last eight as owner of my own business. Whether it’s integrating new systems with old ones, bringing Office 365 into their current environment or integrating VoIP system, we are always serving clients whose success is dependent on technology.

My clients and I share some core philosophies, especially when it comes to the best way to face problems. Acknowledge problems. Anticipate problems. Have a plan. Be proactive. Get help.

At Peptronics, WE take the SH out of IT!

So, here is what I have learned about the secrets of success in my business and from my clients:

Anticipate and manage problems. You will always have problems in business. You can choose to wait and be surprised, or you can take pre-emptive action. My most successful customers partner with Peptronics to manage their technology. Every year they have a number of computers scheduled for replacement so they don’t have to replace everything at once. Software is kept current so there aren’t version conflicts. They know problems are coming. They choose to be ready and minimize the downtime.

Educate clients. It is usually a single problem that leads people to first call us. The symptoms had been there for a while, but they just got used to dealing with it. Then they were caught off guard when it failed.

By educating my clients, I can help them be more aware of the early warning signs of a technical problem and what steps they should be taking.

Education is the best way to address the threats of cybercrime. We provide instruction to employees, the weakest link, on how to avoid all the email phishing scams. This helps them stay ahead of the game.

It is also a great way to engage your customers and strengthen the relationship.

Value your time. I did a lot of DIY in the beginning by necessity, and you probably have, too. But you need to learn that you will be better off investing three hours of your time in activities to grow your business than Googling on how to fix a glitch.

It can be hard to let go, but if you value what you do, it’s a necessary step in taking your business to the next level.

Rely on accomplished professionals when you start outsourcing tasks.  My web designer, Ben Theis of Skol Marketing, can do a better job than I could ever do. I leverage additional technical support and administrative staff to better support my clients.  I could read up on business coaching, but I use Judy Zimmer at because she is the best.

OffiCenters has been a great resource for me to get the help I need because there are hundreds of professionals that I have met and gotten to know.

Personal service. There are a lot of managed IT service companies out there who do it all remotely. What my clients appreciate about onsite service is they don’t have to take their equipment offsite and waste valuable time, which leads to being more productive.  I’m proud of the 1000’s of miles I drive each year so that I can be at my client’s offices.

When we can experience their environment, see what they see, and observe them, we can offer better solutions and educate them on how they can solve that same problem in the future.

Never underestimate the value of personal service to any successful business.

NBM Business Advisor – 2018

Joey Pepka is Founder and Chief IT Guru of Peptronics, LLC, which helps small to mid-size companies operate effectively by leveraging the use of technology.  Covering everything from where the internet comes into the office, to the keyboard and everything in between. We can be reached at (612) 758-0949 or

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