New Business Minnesota Publishing was founded in July 2007 to reach startup businesses in the Twin Cities in print, online and in person. We provide useful, informative articles, advertising, networking and workshops sponsored by resources that want to work with new businesses.

Our articles constitute a targeted “curriculum” for startups that we deliver over four consecutive months to each person filing with the Secretary of State.

Each month, 1,700 new businesses are created in the Twin Cities. We add them to our list and they receive their first of four issues. For other startups, that will be the second, third or fourth issues that they receive. We remove them from our delivery cycle after they have received four issues and replace them with 2,000 new ones.

We distribute 7,000 copies of New Business Minnesota each month, reaching 21,000 during the course of the year.

We have a river of readers that is constantly being replenished with eager entrepreneurs. Traditional publications are more like a lake, stocked with a generally fixed population.

Since our first issue in 2007, we have served more than 190,000 new and small businesses 760,000 individual issues, delivering information on the resources they need to succeed.