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Melissa Young is in small business sales for ADT Security, which provides security solutions from alarms, intrusion protection, camera systems and remote systems for small and medium size businesses. She can be reached at
(651) 600-1264 or

By Melissa Young

It wasn’t that long ago that security for your business meant a burglar alarm to thwart break-ins. Because of the explosion in technology – internet, smartphones and more – security now means managing your work environment to protect your employees, your information, your inventory, your bottom line as well as keeping out the bad guys.

The new technology that we’re deploying at ADT Security Systems allows you to monitor 24/7 what is going on at your office, store or building. Using your smart-phone, you can control the whole system from anywhere you get 3g service!

Whether you have a home office or a large commercial space, you need to be aware of your security risks and options. Here is What Every New Business Should Know about security systems:

1) Protect your investment. Insurance may replace whatever might be stolen or damaged by thiefs and vandals, but the reality is you’re better off if you can either stop or minimize the event in the first place. Features to consider: Monitoring for forced entry, hold-ups and duress events. You might even get a break on your insurance premiums as well.

3) Use smartphone technology to manage your security system. Receive real-time alerts on your smartphone about what is going on back at the office, when the first employee arrives to open up, if the last employee to leave activated the alarm or even if the coffee maker was left on (You can turn it off from your phone). Going to the office on Saturday? Remotely turn up the heat two hours before you get there. If you just tee’d and a late delivery arrives at the office, you open the door for them and reactivate the alarm when the leave.

4) Keep more of the money you’re already making. Just about any aspect of your operation can be monitored and controlled by this technology. When the alarm is set at night, we tie in lighting and temperature levels so that you reduce electricity and heating costs.

5) Work with experienced professionals. Resist the urge to pick up a do-it-your-self security kit that comes with a six-pack of mini-cameras. You want a solution that is right for your location, fits budget and is done right. Our years of experience have taught us where best to put cameras, motion detectors; whether to use key-pad entry, key fobs or ID cards; how to create extra protection zones that limit employee access to highly sensitive areas. And you want a system that is reliable and that provides real time reports you can respond to.

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