Russ Simatic is the Regional Manager for G&A Partners, a licensed professional employer organization and HR outsourcing provider. PEOs free employers to focus on their core business by outsourcing HR, benefits and payroll. He can be reached at (952) 261-6369 or

Russ Simatic

Growing your business will always be a challenge, especially when you have employees. In addition to conquering markets, you must master all things on the Human Resources front. You have to be in touch with employee needs, keep them happy, retain them and provide an environment where they feel they are growing.
As the owner, your HR practices also have to be in compliance with state and federal laws that are always changing. And the Affordable Care Act has been pitching curves as well. Complexity like this is so distracting that it’s doubtful any employer can stay on top of it.
The solution for many small business owners is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), like G&A Partners, which offers customized HR services for managing all employee related issues.
As a PEO, we offer payroll and benefit administration, employee benefits plans, HR support, customized employee handbooks and assist in disciplinary actions, recruitment and retention plans, among other things.
Here is What Every Small Business Should Know about outsourced professional HR management:
1) Get help before there is a crisis. We usually get called after a business owner has suffered a costly HR mistake or crisis. On average, 450 companies are hit with employment law suits each day. Crises can be either avoided or minimized when you outsource your HR to a professional.
2) Pay for the tools you need. Many owner fear outsourcing will be expensive. The reality is we can supply the whole HR tool box for a fraction of the cost of hiring a person in house. G&A Partners service are customizable. You only pay for the tools you need, not the whole tool box. You might start with payroll and add HR consulting later.
3) Technology makes life easier. We use an online portal to give management and employees access to key information, such as payroll, I9 documentation, etc. Employees can get copies of W2s or check their 401k on their own. It helps keep you in compliance with all applicable laws, ensure employees are paid correctly and routed to the correct bank with the correct deductions.
4) Regain your focus. We find our clients regaining their entrepreneurial focus when they let us shoulder their HR load. They tell us they feel a tremendous sense of relief knowing that a true expert is handling the complexity. As the load is lifted, they can pursue growth opportunities.
5) Stay in control of what’s important. Owners won’t lose control. They are in charge of giving directions to the PEO, shifting the responsibility to pay on time or administer benefits to the PEO, reducing the CEO’s liability and freeing them to do other mission critical tasks they are expert at.